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Excellent customer support

I was impressed with the quality and attentiveness of the gentleman that helped with this issue. There are a lot of ptz cameras for sale but this one stands out due to the quality of the product support.
Mike P.
...But what makes this camera special is the first class customer support provided by the company. I did have a problem with the night vision capabilities of the camera and contacted Nesuniq via their contact page.. The communications page advises that it could take at least 10 hours for an initial response due to the many time zones between the USA and China. I did receive a response within an hour.
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Great Camera

I'm loven the 5mp clarity, this camera has very fast ptz speeds the speeds are adjustable for you viewing comfort, just click a preset or a direction and it's there almost instantly, very fast response times.
And I also like how responsive the customer service was in helping me resolve my issue with the defective camera.
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Great Value for the cost

I have been testing multiple PTZ's and even a few models from Nesuniq and very pleased with the results from this camera and especially the customer service is simply amazing.
...Dealing with abroad manufacturer isn't easy with culture/language barrier and timezone etc...however with Neuniq team it's been nothing short of a great experience.... I would highly recommend you test one of their products...
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Customer Service 5 Star

Nesuniq has been in almost daily contact regarding resolving the setup issue I spoke of. I am amazed at the customer care and the genuine concern for resolving the issue. I must say customer service is five stars.
...As a retired communications professional of 36 years as well as overseeing our company’s customer service department. In my second career at present I setup and maintain video surveillance cameras in our communities school bus fleet. I must say I am highly impressed with not only the cameras capabilities and potential but also the customer care team and their willingness to listen and assist with their product...
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Awesome technical support

Had trouble with the email alerts and was able to chat directly with an awesome support tech who found a problem with the camera, sent me a new one, and now all is well in my security camera world.
I'm liking the camera and I'm very pleased with their service. (And there was a 12 hr time difference.)
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Test your mounting location to make sure u don’t hinder the camera’s movement

We’ve been using this camera exclusively outdoors in central Florida for the past 6 or so months. It’s an excellent camera for the price! I would like to see them change the interface... it’s not the best but, I can’t complain about the hardware... it’s water tight, has THE best night vision range out of all our cameras.
.. and the company manufacturing or selling them has been very attentive when in comes to communication! Have a problem, hit’em up... they’ll help ya out.
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About Nesuniq

Nesuniq has always taken pride in providing excellent customer service to those seeking PTZ cameras and security camera systems. We serve a wide range of clients from small businesses to private end users and professional installers.
Excellent customer service, not only refers to high-quality products but also professional and timely services, and we convince that they are not transmitted by simple slogans or advertisements, but by actual actions.

We have been always focusing on the pan tilt zoom security camera field, adhere to the concept of stable operation, continuous innovation, open cooperation, and continue to work hard to provide superior video surveillance products to global security users.

In the future, our company will expand to the field of video surveillance and continuously introduce innovative products to provide better services to customers.

We Truly Believe

Excellent customer service, not only refers to high-quality products but also professional and timely services.

We convince that they are not transmitted by simple slogans or advertisements, but by actual actions.
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